Ioan Gruffudd for Treats (x)

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this is why when I write asexual characters, they are in non-sexual relationships, because it annoys me as well

i just? i obviously have my own hangups there?

but i don’t want to read about one more character going “i don’t want to have sex but i’m willing to do it”, or if they’re not sure “i don’t know if i really want sex but i’m willing to do it” and then they bone, a lot, and everyone is somehow okay with that forever. i just. yeah. 

the only way i’d be interested in this trope is if the asexual character who did say that in the past is now uncomfortable with the situation, so they have to redraw the boundaries of the relationship and mAYBE THAT WORKS OUT but maybe it doesn’t

but otherwise keep it away from me gdi

i know fanfic is mostly about two characters boning but just once i’d like to read a fic where character A is asexual and character B isn’t, and endgame is not about how much sex they have anyway


Marta (by miiiamariiia)


An AMAZING Spider-Gwen by BENGAL



constantly having to deliberately downplay your mental illness but also constantly worrying that you’re making it up for attention, somehow

the number of people who relate to this troubles me and imo demonstrates exactly who suffers when you fearmonger about Fakers