today i sat in front of two girls in their early twenties on my way home. they were talking about friends of theirs.

especially about a guy who was unhappy in his relationship because his girlfriend couldn’t see him more often than about once a week.

and one of the girls said: “well if you can only see your boyfriend once a week why even bother”

and upon hearing this a bit of me was incredibly relieved that i’d never been in a romantic relationship. because if it’s a prerequisite of a romantic relationship to see your significant other more than once a week i don’t think i could ever do it. ever. 

i mean i have trouble just hanging out with a friend a week. or like, if i’m going out to meet people and be social or have people around to my place to be social more than once a week that’s like. a lot. for me. and then i need at least one or two days off on which i talk to NOBODY. 

i like being alone waaaay too much to ever be in a romantic relationship, is my conclusion. 

2 years ago — September 6th, 2012, 1:39am
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